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Teekay Lewis

Back to the Brushes...

Feel free to reach out to me to chat about painting techniques, styles, or subject matter of any of my paintings. If you would like to purchase a painting then please contact me... In any case, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Capturing the Wildlife and

Landscapes of Mount Dora, Florida

Teekay Lewis

I like to paint in an abstract, impressionistic style while attempting to capture the moment of the subject matter whether it be in portraits, landscapes or places within Mount Dora. Occasionally, I will paint boats, street scenes and landscapes from other areas.

I am currently working on portraits of folks I find in & around Mount Dora

Lots of interesting people roaming the streets and back alleys of our wonderful city to sketch or paint. I really can't wait for the Pirate Festival... although it might not happen this year.

I hope to be spending my 

"Off Hours" at that wonderful British pub & eatery, 

"Magical Meat Boutique"!

Best pub in Mount Dora... this is where I go when I am in need of a pint.  They should be opening the doors to their new Public House very soon now... and I can't wait to see their new menu. If you want tp eat & drink in a truly authentic British pub then I highly recommend those wonderful folks at the "Magical Meat Boutique"...but you will have to inquire yourself as to where the name comes from! 

What's Up Now

I paint various subjects within Mount Dora in an impressionistic style and enjoy both oil and acrylic mediums. I am currently working on my "Rogue's Gallery" by trying to capture the different personalities from around our fair city. 

~Most of these won't be ready for the Gallery until the first of August.   

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